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Lesaxys 250mg #7

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Lesaxys instruction for useReed more and buy Lesaxys on this pageImportant! We ship Lesaxys in 7-8 days after payment.LESAXYS WITH TRICLABENDAZOLE for opisthorchiasisLesaxys with triclabendazole is a drug from Vietnam for the trea..

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Lesaxys instruction for use

Reed more and buy Lesaxys on this page

Important! We ship Lesaxys in 7-8 days after payment.


Lesaxys with triclabendazole is a drug from Vietnam for the treatment of parasitic invasions such as opisthorchiasis, fascioliasis and paragonimiasis.


Lesaxys active ingredient is triclabendazole. The drug is available in tablets of 250 mg in 7 pack.

Indications for use

Lesaxys is a high-quality drug for the treatment of opisthorchiasis. Opisthorchiasis - a disease that affects the liver, biliary ducts and the gallbladder, is caused by a feline fluke (Latin Opisthorchus felineus). It is possible to become infected by eating insufficiently thermally treated carp fish, which serves as an intermediate host of the parasite. Symptoms of acute opisthorchiasis are fever, pain in the right hypochondrium, diarrhea, and sometimes an allergic rash.
Triclabendazole is also effective against other trematodoses (fascioliasis, paragonimiasis). With fascioliasis, a person becomes infected when bathing in ponds with polluted water, while using unwashed salad herbs collected in swampy areas. The causative agent is often Fasciola hepatica, less often Fasciola gigantica. They affect the hepatobiliary system of both humans and many mammals.
The source of paragonimosis for humans can be poorly boiled crabs and crayfish. The parasite Paragonimus westermani has a tropism for the tissues of the lungs and brain, causing inflammation and even voluminous processes there. Manifested by shortness of breath, cough, may be the cause of frequent pneumonia. Triclabendazole has an effect both in the primary disease and in the chronic course of trematodosis.

The pharmacological action

Lesaxys affects both young larval forms of trematodes and mature individuals. Penetrating through their outer shell, the drug blocks the parasite's muscular system, causing paralysis and their subsequent death. Neutralized trematodes come out of the biliary tract into the intestine, and are evacuated naturally with feces within a few days.

Instructions for use

Triclabendazole is used once at a dose of 10 mg / kg body weight after meals. It is desirable to take medicine after eating fatty foods, because This improves its absorption, as well as drink plenty of boiled water. In case of low efficacy, a dosage of 20 mg / kg is allowed. In this case, the medication will be doubled with a break of 12 hours. If necessary, the treatment is repeated 14 days or six months after the first course. Dosage and treatment regimen should be chosen individually by the doctor.

Adverse reactions

• From the gastrointestinal tract: nausea, loss of appetite, jaundice, vomiting and other digestive disorders;
• From the nervous system: drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness;
• Allergic manifestations: pruritus, urticaria;
• Lungs: cough, shortness of breath;
• Fever;
• Backache;
After taking the drug, it is advisable to stop driving the car for a while.


Acceptance of Lesaxys is prohibited for pregnant and lactating women. Since triclabendazole penetrates into breast milk, if it is taken, feeding is stopped for 72 hours. There are no data on the use in children under six years old, so until this age the drug is also not recommended. Prohibited Lesaxys to people with hypersensitivity to its components, as well as in the presence of a history of renal or hepatic insufficiency.

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